Carton Weighing, Labelling, Stock Control and Production Reporting System

  • One touch Carton Weighing and Labelling via large LCD with a long-life, capacitive touchscreen.
  • True “Drag and Drop” label creation allows unlimited customizable label layouts and custom label sizes up to 200mm x 200mm.
  • Manufactured from easily obtained ‘Off The Shelf’ components and replacement parts including standard PC Motherboard, Processor,
  • Memory, Hard Disk, Power Supply and Connectors ensuring long term user maintainability, lower maintenance costs and future upgradability
  • Comprehensive production reporting and traceabiliy.
  • Export ready with AQIS, Muslim and EU Export approval stamps.
  • Foreign language script support including texts, dates and use by dates.
  • Barcode traceability of individual cartons from packing to final customer.
  • Integrates with BEC Stockscan loadout reporting and stock control system.
  • Compatible with Datamax (DPL) and Zebra (ZPL) language thermal printers.
  • 540 colored product selection “Hotkeys”, each with easy to interpret 20 Character, 2 Line product descriptors. (see below)
  • High speed carton weighing and labelling, typically 1-1.5 seconds per label.
  • Components mounted in robust, waterproof, food grade, stainless steel enclosures.
  • Unlimited Transactions and Label definitions.
  • Stand-Alone or linked to host computer with full Windows network/printer support.
  • “Split System” design allows entry screen and label printer enclosures to be mounted together or in separate locations.
  • Easy installation – a standard Cat5 network cable connects to your office system and other Labelterm or InTag modules.
  • Enterprise wide management of your production systems and seamless integration to your existing IT infrastructure using the latest SQL database client/server technology. Reports can be accessed via your local network (back office) or remotely via internet.
  • Native 32 bit Windows program.


Please feel free contact any of our reference sites (listed at bottom of this page) to talk to current users of our systems.

Since 1990 BEC Systems has established a reputation for first class service and support of our products.
This includes 24/7 availability, Expert Phone and Remote Access support.

Long Term Maintainability
Uses standard computer components including motherboard, processor, memory, hard disk. power supply and peripherals ensuring that you will be able to maintain and upgrade the hardware for years into the future with low maintenance costs.

Ease of Use
The 15″ touchscreen user interface is designed to be practical to use and easy to understand. It includes 20 ‘Hotkey’ product selection screens each with 27 large product selection keys and 20 Character, 2 Line Product descriptors on each key.

Open Ended Architecture
LabelTerm is fully re-programmable and re-configurable to run any Windows 16Bit, 32Bit, 64Bit MS-DOS or LINUX based software packages. It uses standard format data files for recording production data (which can be accessed using SQL) and incorporates all standard Windows capabilities. This ensures that the system can easily expanded or upgraded as requirements change in the future.

Standalone Capability – Terminal can operate as a “Stand Alone” unit, independent of a host system, if required.

Software Features and Innovation
The LabelTerm Software application offers the most comprehensive and user configurable set of features available in any similar product, and more are being added all the time. The innovations that BEC Systems have introduced, both in terms of hardware and software, have consistently been imitated by our competitors.

Order and Invoicing Options – BEC Systems OrderPro 32 Software offers full Pack to Order and automatic Invoice creation functions.

Ease of Installation – A standard Cat6 network cable or Radio Network is all that is required to connect the LabelTerm module to Host (office) PC or other network compatible equipment.

Computer (Min Specs) – ASUS MicroATX Motherboard with Pentium Dual 2.4G processor, 4GB RAM, 80GB Solid State Hard Drive, 350W PS.
Rear Connections – 2 Serial Ports, USB Port, 100MB Network port, PS2 Keyboard Port.

User Interface – 15 Inch LCD Screen with Long Life USB Capacitive Touchscreen sensor.

Operating System – All Windows Versions.

Network – 100MB Waterproof UTP8 receptacle connector.

Scale Support – Supports all popular electronic scales.

Compatibility and Data Storage – Uses latest SQL database server technology allowing local access (across your LAN) or remotely access (via internet).

Security – Password Protected Software Setup, AQIS access and Lockable Cabinet.

Label Selection – 540 Hot Keys each with 2 Line, 20 Character Descriptors. Unlimited label selection via scrollable list.

Print Speed – Typically 1.5 Seconds / Label (from screen touch to complete label issue )

Barcode Specification – Standard Code 128 or Interleave 2 of 5 (Sastek compatible). International Standard EAN-128. USA EAN/UCC carton barcode. Other formats available on request.

Weight Formats – Large Kg and Lb, Kg Only, Lb Only, Large Lb (small Kg) and Arabic Script.

Online Help – Comprehensive on-screen help

Production Report Options
Report by Label No., Product No., Hotkey screen, Product Type fields or Customer. Production Report on any Date-Time Period. Report to Network printer, Screen or Thermal Label. Detailed Report showing detail of each carton produced including barcode no. Report includes Product No, Type, Description, Piece Count, Carton Count, and Weight for each product. Group Report option prints reports by Hotkey Screen, Product Type and Product No. Production Line separation allowing you to divide production reports between 2 separate packing lines. Product pricing allows you to set per Kg price for individual products and produce reports showing total product value for each of your products. Deletion Report shows details and totals of deleted lablels Carton Usage report shows totals of each carton type used for reorder purposes. Customer Report showing totals and details of cartons sent to specific customers Attache and MYOB accounting system compatible. Export Production or Label definition data to ASCII or CSV files.

Foreign Language Support
Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Japanese language support for Product descriptions, Use By Dates and Storage requirements. Additional foreign scripts including establishment name, storage and slaughter specifications as per export requirements. Flexible “Use by” dates set in months and days for each individual product .

Graphics Logos
Australia Inspected (AIS), Australia Approved (AAP), Crossed AIS Domestic, Ausmeat, Muslim Slaughter (MS) , Company Logo, Tasmania, EU Pentagonal, NSW Domestic.

Thermal Printer
Datamax i4208, 203 mm per sec, 203 dpi, 32 Bit Processor.. RS232/RS422 19600 Baud. Compatible with all DPL (Datamax) and ZPL (Zebra) language printers. Available from many major suppliers.

Label Deletion – Single touch deletion of last printed label or selection of label no for deletion..

Product Targeting – Operator settable targeting of individual products in terms of Piece Count and/or Carton Count and/or Total Weight. Onscreen notification when target is reached.

Batching – Batch print multiple of labels for any product. Manual weight entry for labelling of binned or palleted product.

Relabelling – Relabel any carton with selectable date.

Electrical – Standard IEC Power Receptacles. 300 Watt computer power supply.

Enclosures – Waterproof Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction to IP65

Support Services – 24/7 Phone and Remote support.

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