NeoPOS Features

  • Easy to understand and easy to learn user interface.
  • NMI approval means you can connect your electronic scales directly to NeoPOS, to automatically calculate prices for Weighed items.

  • Runs on all Windows Versions, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 (32 and 64 Bit), Windows Embedded and POS Ready, and all standard POS hardware..

  • One-off purchase price includes full lifetime license with NO ongoing license, subscription fees or ongoing costs.

  • Hospitality & restaurant functions include Table, Walk-In, Phone, Waiting, Delivery and Pickup Orders. Waiter Order Pads, Item Modifiers and Condiment Chains.

  • Kitchen Order printing to up to 4 printers or Kitchen Order display screens.

  • Secondary customer display screen allows custom promotional images and rolling advertisements.

  • Integrated with Flexischools canteen management and student payment system.

  • Integrated with Zwift on-line ordering system.

  • Export sales information directly to Xero or MYOB accounting software

  • Ability to automatically import stock lists into NeoPOS from any file format.

  • Includes Expert 7 Day Phone, Email and Remote Access Support.

  • Connect multiple POS terminals together (via your local network) and multiple stores (via internet or cloud based server) with remote administration and reporting.

  • Integrated Customer Database with Loyalty Program, Reward Points, Discounts and detailed Customer Purchase History.

  • Graphical Table Layout design allows you to configure the screen to reflect your own table layout allowing easy location and assignment of sales to specific tables.

  • 3 Level Hierarchical Stock Control for items that are sold individually or in packs.

  • Price Matrices for selling identical items stocked in various Sizes Colours or Styles.

  • Accounts, Laybys and Hiring Management.

  • Integrated Bookings, Appointment and Reservations Management.

  • Serial Number Tracking allowing you to scan or enter a unique item serial number at checkout/purchase then have the ability to lookup/track the serial number at a later time.

  • Comprehensive Reporting of Sales, Profit and Loss and GST.

  • Permissions Based user access control with Employee Time-clock and Payroll Management.

  • Product Barcode and Shelf Label Printing.

  • Scans variable price & weight barcoded items produced by all Label printing Scales.

  • Wastage and Loss Reporting. Allows you to record and report product Wastage and Loss (Theft, Spoilage, Damage etc.)

  • Integrates with handheld portable barcode scanners for stock receival and stock take functions.

  • 20 Level Price Breaks, 5 Level Price Shifts, Time based Price Shifts, Multiple Item Discounts and Date-Time based Special Prices.

  • Unicode Multilingual support allows you to enter product details and print receipts using Multi-Lingual characters.

Self-Service Mode – Unattended, simple, customer self-service mode, either Portrait, Widescreen or Standard 4:3 Mode. Including product scanning, weighing and receipt issue with EFT Card payment. Kitchen Order screen display and Docket Printing and Modifier selection for customer self-order (especially useful for peak times when you have customers waiting for service)

GreenScoop Dispensing – Use your own custom set of reusable containers, for streamlined selling of bulk (loose) weighed products. The reusable containers, possibly with your own logo or advertising on them, are pre-registered once with the NeoPOS system, then when the dispensed product is presented at the checkout, the operator selects the container, from the container image on a hotkey page, and selects the product. 2 touches only. The item is registered with the price calculated from the displayed weight (from the scale) minus the Tare (weight) of the container. This ensures rapid and accurate processing of dispensed weighed items. This also has the added benefit of customers having your container(s) stored at home, encouraging and reminding them to return to your store for reuse/refill.

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