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Australian Produced Point of Sale Software.
Suitable for General Purpose Retail, Supermarkets, Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, Takeaway, Milk Bars, Chemists, Motels, Hire Businesses, Convenience Stores, Sports Clubs, Hairdressers, Grocery, Clothing, Fashion, Beauty, Gift, Thrift and Secondhand Shops.


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"... it has exceeded our expectations and provides excellent value for money..."
" ...the support has been nothing short of excellent...".
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 Point of Sale Software

How NeoPOS Point of Sale Software can benefit your business

  • Increased speed, efficiency and accuracy of transactions leading to an improved customer experience.
  • Cloud "Hybrid" system. All the advantages of a Web Based Point of Sale System without the disadvantages of slow speed, internet connection dependency and monthly fees.
  • Does NOT require internet connection.
  • Hospitality and food service functions make Table, Walk-in, Pickup and Delivery Order Management fast, simple and error free. Orders are automatically sent to food preparation areas reducing man-power requirements, increasing accuracy, accelerating the speed of order delivery and improving the overall efficiency of your operation.
  • Accurate, real-time, inventory control means less time and effort spent stock taking, more sales and more satisfied customers.
  • Manage your business, including sales reporting and stock management  from ANY location, local or remote, using a local network or internet connection. 
  • Less paperwork and administration through streamlined sales reporting, stock and inventory management and reordering, including purchase and supplier management.
  • Comprehensive Account and Layby management, including Account statements and payment tracking.
  • Generic interface allowing integration to your Web Store or eCommerce platform, for sychronising stock levels and/or processing orders. Contact us for more detailed information.
  • Integrated with Zwift on-line ordering system.
  • Sales history reporting allows you to keep abreast of the latest sales trends including least and most popular items.
  • Eliminate "Tax Time" headaches with simple reporting of sales and GST dues.
  • Improved staff management with log on/off security and hours worked reporting, including inbuilt payroll management.
  • Hourly or Half-Hourly reporting can help you more efficiently allocate staff to your busiest times.
  • Customer loyalty, reward point and discount programs can be a real plus for your business and customer purchase history can help keep you abreast of latest sales trends.

  • Point of Sale Features

  • Easy to understand and easy to learn user interface.
  • Runs on all Windows Versions, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 Bit), Windows Embedded and POS Ready. 
  • One off purchase price includes full lifetime license with NO ongoing license or subscription fees.
  • Ability to automatically import your existing stock list into NeoPOS from any file format.
  • Includes 24 Hr / 7 Day Phone, Email and Remote Access Support.
  • Runs on any standard Point of Sale hardware or any Windows PC.
  • Connect multiple Point of Sale terminals together (via your local network) and multiple stores (via internet or cloud based server) with remote administration and reporting.
  • Integrated Customer Database with Loyalty Program, Reward Points Scheme, Discounts and detailed Customer Purchase History.
  • Hospitality & restaurant functions include Order (Waiting, Delivery, Pickup), Table Management, Waiter Order Pads, Item Modifiers and Condiment Chains.
  • Kitchen Order printing or Onscreen Order display.
  • Graphical Table Layout design allows you to configure the screen to reflect you own table layout allowing easy location and assignment of sales to specific tables.
  • Integrated with PC-EFTPOS or Tyro Payments allowing you to connect your POS terminals and process EFTPOS and Credit Card payments from all major banks.
  • Integrated with Zwift on-line ordering system and other eCommerce platforms. Contact us for more detailed information.
  • Generic interface allowing integration to your Web Store or eCommerce platform, for sychronising stock levels and/or processing orders. Contact us for more detailed information.
  • Supplier, Ordering and Purchase Management.
  • Accounts, Laybys and Hiring Management.
  • Integrated Bookings, Appointment and Reservations Functions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Sales, Profit and Loss and GST.
  • Permissions Based" user access control with Employee Time-clock and Payroll Management.
  • Product Barcode Printing.
  • Weighing interface connects your POS software to all popular electronic scales for automatic calculation of prices for weighed items and products.
  • Scans Price/Weight Labelled items.
  • Security Webcam allows you to take snapshots on selected events.
  • Secondary customer display screen displays items including your promotional images and rolling advertisements.
  • 3 Level Hierarchical Stock Control for items that are sold individually or in packs.
  • 20 Level Price Breaks, 5 Level Price Shifts, Time based Price Shifts, Multiple Item Discounts and Date-Time based Special Prices.
  • Chinese (Unicode) support allows you to enter product details and print receipts using Chinese characters.
  • Multilingual support for 100 languages with self-learning mode.
  • Price Matrices for selling identical items stocked in various Sizes Colors or Styles.

  • Purchase and Payment

    • Lifetime Licence with 12 Month, 24/7 Email and Remote Access Support $495.00.
    • Lifetime Licence with 12 Month, 24/7 Phone, Email and Remote Access Support $595.00
    • Upgrade to Latest Version and 12 Month Subscription (Existing Customers Only) $295.00 + $95 per additional terminal.

    EFT: NeoPOS BSB: 063-111 Account No: 1076 2661
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    Once Paid for, email your Product Serial No to  and we will immediately reply with your registration key.

    Hardware Bundle

    INCLUDES  Posiflex15",Fan Free POS Touch Terminal
    Sam4s(Samsung)  thermal receipt printer.
    GS Cash Drawer.
    Opticon OPR3201 Scanner.
    Pre-installed with Windows POS Ready & NeoPOS Point of Sale software.
    1 year warranty with 24/7email and remote access support.
    Price $2,950 AUD

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    We've been really happy with it. It is simple to use for the staff and has a good back end for settings etc. It’s good to see it continue to develop with new features all the time and I like the way you guys just punch out some new code to fix things or respond to requests as needed (eg feed lines before on the kitchen printouts). We prefer to support someone local with good software than jump on the bandwagon of the on-trend cloud systems that are a bit of a monthly fee rip-off I reckon!. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work. We are a coffee roastery as well and deal with a lot of new cafes that open up so will be sure to let them know about your product when I get the chance - Richard, Villino Coffee

    I would like to inform you of a distinguished member of staff you have Mr Jeffrey Ottery . Jeffery works on one of online support teams and has always been patient when dealing with questions. His calm manner was just what was needed when I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Jeffery was able to use his knowledge to help me. With employees like Jeffery on your staff, I am sure that Neopos will go from strength to strength. - Amy, The One

    Our club purchased NeoPOS software some 18 months ago for the purpose of managing our daily bar sales using a Point of Sales System. We looked around for some time for a cost effective way of doing this, but we always found it prohibitively expensive for a small club like ours. That is until we came across NeoPOS which appeared to offer a solution to our needs at a price which was significantly lower than anything else we had seen.Once we had installed the software and explored the functionality, we found other areas of interest such as barcode scanning of our member cards, member discounts,member accounts and member loyalty point options.Over the past 18months Jeff at NeoPOS has been fantastic in assisting us with the integration of all of these options into our system. Some of what we needed required software updates and on every such occasion Jeff has been more that willing to help out. Based on our experiences we would have  no hesitation in recommending NeoPOS to any club or business which is looking for an effective and low cost POS system - Chelsea Football Club, Melbourne

    The main praise I have for NeoPOS is the amazing value for money. Each time we request a change, they go out of their way to assist in modifications that work relative to our Photographic shop. Stock control is excellent through this program, the end of day and end of month reports are very informative.- Fletchers Photographics, Bega NSW

    To all the potential Neopos clients, Mr Ottery is a skilled and professional operator in setting up the NeoPOS System to suit your business, I have a restaurant business and since installing the system I have everything I need to operate my administration. He is very attentive and tenacious in whatever you require for your Neopos System. - Raffaele Benevenga, Raffs Restaurant Lilydale

    Initially purchased Neopos to track our bike rental business. After three years, we purchased a restaurant and quickly upgraded the old cash register system to Neopos.Whilst the bike hire business is very basic and doesn't take advantage of the capabilities of the software, our staff find it very easy to use. In our restaurant business, we find the software reliable, very user friendly and more than meets our needs. We initially chose Neopos based on price (other software was way more expensive) but it has exceeded our expectations and provides excellent value for money. Any issues that have arisen with our system have been quickly resolved by the support staff. The support has been nothing short of excellent. We have always been advised on new updates and have even requested a couple of enhancements ourselves which were quickly incorporated and emailed to us.- Viva Italia Hervey Bay and Beach Safaris Pty Ltd.

    We have been using the Neopos system in our latest shop for several months now and it has streamlined the way we process order and by printing all orders we know that every Transaction has been recorded in the till. The hourly read reports has significantly reduced staff costs through efficient rostering and our marketing can be tailored to the stock usage. Overall we could not be happier with the product.- Fish in a Flash East Bentleigh.

    The software really is great and you were even better. You responded to me instantly and added the missing features of serial number and auto PLU immediately and without further cost. In my opinion your service is second to none. This program is fantastic - the seller of the program is second to none - try it - dream-garments UK

    Great service,assistance provided during set up. Thanks - 


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